Sea Breeze of California sees every season as an opportunity to explore new horizons in the fine craft of resort apparel design. We take our role as trend-setter and industry leader as no casual affair. By working more than one year ahead of each target season Sea Breeze is dedicated to studying the latest and up-and-coming trends in colors, cuts and design styling.

Each season is marked by expertly and painstakingly perfected details, from exact pocket size and sleeve length to buttons made from real coconuts. Each collection we deliver is a testament to our hands-on approach and our "made in-house" process, ensuring our costumers with the best looking, most flattering and highest quality resort apparel anywhere. Time and again our collections set the standard and continue build upon their acceptance and loyal fan base. Side-by-side with any other apparel, we are proud to know that nothing compares to a Sea Breeze Collection piece.


Made in the USA - 100% Cotton